Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention And Control Department

In terms of prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control departments have three key links: finding the source of infection as early as possible, blocking transmission routes and protecting vulnerable groups.In terms of finding the source of infection, the main task is to intensify the investigation of patients with fever and find suspected and confirmed cases as soon as possible.Among them, the community has played an important role in increasing the detection of fever patients, and has also played a supporting and supervisory role in the home isolation and observation of relevant personnel.In terms of blocking transmission routes, the main approach is to timely detect fever patients through community grid management and take corresponding measures to reduce the risk of infection and transmission.In terms of protecting vulnerable groups, community epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity and education should be carried out to enhance residents' awareness of self-protection.There is no doubt that community prevention and control plays a vital role in screening fever patients, blocking transmission routes and protecting vulnerable populations.

Community is the cell of society and the basic unit of social governance. Society is formed by the connection of communities.Chen pointed out that the most effective means to prevent and control the epidemic is to restrict the movement of people, implement physical isolation, and fundamentally block the transmission channels of the virus, and the important role of the community in this process is self-evident.Community guarding thousands of health and safety of residents, and community epidemic prevention and control materials, a difficult task, need from the entrance, in and out of registration and temperature measurement, to enter a screening, popularize knowledge about prevention and control, to the public area for disinfection sterilization, the first time to isolate and properly arrange fever patients, etc., every job requires very carefully.Community workers, who come into contact with all kinds of people every day, are at higher risk of infection and are under greater psychological pressure. A large amount of tedious and specific basic work undertaken by the community has made great contributions to effectively preventing the spread of the epidemic.

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