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NETUM strives to provide the most economical and powerful omnidirectional and handheld scanners for retail and supermarket environments. Each scanner is designed for the heaviest of traffic and can be installed directly into a cashier's station, allowing goods to be scanned with a simple swipe of barcode Among those competitors NETUM impresses the customer with outstanding product performance plus reasonable prices. For that reason, NETUM omnidirectional and handheld scanners top the chart with some of the best selling models in the world. Here at NETUM, we offer great services to customers, services such as collecting local commodities, analyzing the barcodes, and then revise our firmware so the scanners can read the local barcodes of special format.

  • 1D Laser Wired Barcode Scanner

    1D Laser Wired Barcode Scanner

  • 2D Wired Barcode Scanner

    2D Wired Barcode Scanner

  • Ring Barcode Scanner

    Ring Barcode Scanner

  • Pocket Barcode Scanner

    Pocket Barcode Scanner

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Guanzhou Netum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

we are an research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service company that specializes in Barcode scanners, PDAs, Thermal Printers, and POS machines. Since its founding in the year 2011, accruing over a decade of development experience and expertise, Netum has become a leading professional barcode scanner manufacture.