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In terms of prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control departments have three key links: finding the source of infection as early as possible, blocking transmission routes and protecting vulnerable groups.In terms of finding the source of infection, the main task is to intensify the investigation of patients with fever and find suspected and confirmed cases as soon as possible.Among them, the community has played an important role in increasing the detection of fever patients, and has also played a supporting and supervisory role in the home isolation and observation of relevant personnel.In terms of blocking transmission routes, the main approach is to timely detect fever patients through community grid management and take corresponding measures to reduce the risk of infection and transmission.In terms of protecting vulnerable groups, community epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity and education should be carried out to enhance residents' awareness of self-protection.There is no doubt that community prevention and control plays a vital role in screening fever patients, blocking transmission routes and protecting vulnerable populations.

1.The goods management

The supplier will send the goods to the supermarket in accordance with the requirements of the order, and the supermarket acceptance personnel will use the PDA scanning gun to call the corresponding orders in the background database in the receiving area, and check the goods sent by the supplier one by one, and confirm.Include: item code, item quantity, place of manufacture, variety, specification, packing time, warranty time, old price, new price, change time, bar code standard and other information.The acceptance personnel use the handheld terminal to update the receiving information of the background server in real time, record the receiving time and consignee at the same time, and can connect with the network printer through the handheld terminal to print the receiving list in real time.

2. Cargo location management

The operator will inquire the specific position and space status of the goods on the shelf in the cargo area. For example, commodity X is on the 2nd floor of aisle B and shelf C in the cargo area A, and the goods will be sent to the place with A forklift.When there is a large movement of goods in the goods space, the operator responsible for the goods on the shelf will record the change of goods space in real time to the system through the PDA scanning gun.

3. Inventory management

The system notifies any PDA scanning gun through the wireless network to carry out on-site sampling and inventory.The system can get the result quickly, but also can carry on the repeated dialogue with the handheld terminal, realizes the spot inquiry and the inspection.

4. Query management

If the supermarket establishes the barcode mobile information management system, the staff can carry on the commodity information, the inventory situation, the change price check, the order verification and other aspects of the inquiry through the PDA scanning gun anytime and anywhere.And make the managers of the real - time query and store on the spot of the real - time command work becomes very convenient and easy.

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